Learn the art of mediumship from a self-taught medium with 17 years experience!

I am very excited to announce that I will now be offering a course on developing your mediumship gifts, a course that many of you have repeatedly asked me to provide! This will be a 101 on mediumship to allow room for a possible 102 and 103!

In this video course you will learn how to connect with well-known and lesser-known entities to develop your gifts, and increase your familiarity with your mediumship abilities.

You will learn how guides operate, and how they send messages to you through your psychic abilities. 

You will connect with your guides, learn how to call on them, and learn how to receive their messages. 

You will learn simple, daily practices you can easily do to build a deeper connection to your guides, and have a more conscious relationship with them.

You will learn how to protect your space, and how to tell the difference between a positive and negative entity. 

You will have permanent access to a FaceBook group only for those taking the mediumship course which will not only connect you with others on the same journey as you, but will also enable you to ask questions directly to the instructor as you are taking the course.

This 11 hr course will give you all the tools you need to begin your journey into the art of mediumship!


My name is Anna, and 17 years ago I began my life-long journey into mediumship. Through years of channeling and connecting to my guides on an almost daily basis I developed and mastered my mediumship gifts. Now I’ll be teaching you the valuable hacks and shortcuts I learned along the way so you can avoid my pitfalls, strengthen your own innate abilities, and develop a conscious relationship between you and your guides.