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Healing Packages

3 Days 1 Karmic Lifetime Removed

This 3 day package will clear out one entire karmic lifetime! Your guides will purposefully choose one of your most karmic filled lifetimes to ensure that you receive the most benefit from this clearing, so it will be a lifetime that affects you in a significant negative way. 

In order to ascend it is paramount that we remove our karma! You cannot transcend this Earth plane, ascending to a higher resonance, when you still have life lessons and karma from your previous lifetimes to clear. For that reason it is of ultimate importance to remove the karma you have!

Day 1 — Your guides will reveal to you the lifetime they have chosen in detail, and explain the ways in which the lifetime currently affects you now in this one. 

Day 2 — The entire lifetime will be cleared out of your auric field.. this will include any entities or thought forms gathered during that lifetime, any contracts you created or that were sent to you in a negative way that effect you negatively now, and finally all of the heavy energies and the karma itself. 

Day 3 — You will be sealed properly so that there are no holes in your auric field to ensure that true healing can occur after the removal of the karmic lifetime!

On day one you will receive a 40-60 min video reading, and the following two days you will receive a 20-30 min video clearing and sealing.

Clear One Entire Karmic Lifetime

~ 3 Day Empath Package ~

You are an empath when you feel the world around you and explore it through your emotions. You feel the energy and emotions of others, and know when something is not right with another person often even at a distance. But you also absorb the energy from others around you if you are not properly cleared and closed off to unwanted and excessive energies which can cause disturbances in your emotional body, and unclarity in your mind.

Day 1 — You will receive a 30 Min Empath Toxicity Clearing session through video to remove excess, unwanted energies you have absorbed from others.

Day 2 — You will receive a 30 Min False Guides Removal session through video to help to centre and ground you into a balanced connection with your intuition and guides as well as helping you to remove mental confusion and clutter.

Day 3 —  You will receive a 30 Min Increase Psychic Defence session through video to help build up your natural psychic defences within your own auric field to combat negative outside influences and energies, and help to keep you from excessively absorbing the energy of those around you. 

3 Day Empath Package

Client Testimonial

Every reading and clearing Anna gave me were all amazing, which I think everybody knows. But these consecutive 7 days of healing are REALLY SOMETHING!!
When I ordered my first 7 days of healing (I am doing my second 7 day healing  package now), somehow my guides and I were so ready for the reading/activation and clearing for the following 7 days! What I mean is that I could feel a lot of stuff surfacing to be removed!! My guides were like ‘Yes! Finally we can reveal many things to you since we know we have time! Thank you for giving us time to talk.’ Lol. Not to mention, I actually cleared a whole lot of thought forms and entities. A lot more than you expect when you do a normal reading/clearing. And when it comes to the activation, the effect was great and just amazing!!! Everyday I was just excited and waiting for my reading! This 7 days healing session is totally worth it!! — Tomoyo