Back To Readings!

As many of you know I have recently given birth to the newest member of our family, our baby girl Marley. She is doing very well, and settling into a routine, and I have been recovering quickly. As a result I am getting back to readings sooner than anticipated, and am happy to say the first readings are scheduled for tomorrow! Thank you all for your patience and well wishes!

Welcome! I’m Glad You’re Here! :)

Welcome to all new and old visitors, and clients!

Those of you who have followed me here from The Immortality Process may be wondering about the new change of my name which is not actually a name change at all since Anna is my birth name.

I always knew and intended that Isis-Neith would be a temporary name. It was given to me when I needed it, and served a few purposes, including my privacy. But after many recent and some of them very drastic shifts that Adam and I have come through I have decided to go back to my legal name as I no longer resonate with going by the temporary name I was given, and no longer feel that it presently serves me.

I am not leaving The Immortality Process, but I am branching off from it only in regards to readings since The Immortality Process has a totally separate purpose aside from this type of mediumship. I have also created a new Youtube channel ( where I will be uploading all readings from now on. This will provide a clearer space on The Immortality Process’ Youtube channel in preparation for new content that Adam and I will be creating to upload there.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!