“I am not into feedbacks a lot, but in this case I’m going to do it because everything that has happened regarding the different readings that I’ve done with Anna has been a great help in terms of REAL evolution. What I call Real evolution is… it’s not all “bling bling” like you say, it’s not all light and love, and everything is beautiful, and you were the reincarnation of blah, blah, blah… What is really important to me, and I think for any kind of medium on the planet, is that the person is neutral and honest. Anna has a great deal of experience with discernment of various forms of frequencies, energies, and entities. The quality of a medium for me is that she has a large dictionary of frequencies which she can translate, and she has done a lot of inner work to not have a lot of filters which will provide her a neutrality which is going to be used by your guides when they will contact her if you ask for a reading.” Sebastien


“Anna is the most clear and direct channel for my guides that I have had the pleasure of coming across. I am very intuitive myself, but sometimes it’s helpful for me to receive a reading from her, where my guides can clearly communicate information that I may not be able to accurately receive on my own for one reason or another. Anna is extremely good at  tuning in and bringing the most important information through, so whether you order a short reading or a longer one, you are definitely getting a wonderful value. Some of the information Anna has channeled for me has significantly altered the course of my life for the better and allowed me to rapidly heal by bringing certain issues to light. Sometimes I’ll even go back to an older reading from her and receive even more information from it in the present time. I am so grateful that she is here to channel for us, and if you choose to receive a reading from her I can guarantee you will receive great blessings and insight from it.” -Aurora K.


“After those two strong messages from my most recent readings I started to go through all my other readings I’ve received from you over the years, and marked the most important facts. And now they really make sense! I thought I understood them before 😀 but now it’s an even deeper level and I can see the connection between the readings. They perfectly match the situations and spiritual lessons I’m going through at this time! I already started to “train” myself and I’m currently working on connecting with trees and the Earth. This is what you mentioned in the third reading, I believe, where you were introducing The Man Who Shakes Things, one of my main guides. It might be a little late to work on that but I honestly feel like I understand it better now! So I am sure you’re readings are truly accurate because they still fit and everything falls into place.” The Girl Who Shakes Things 


“I never experienced so deep and raw a description of my very core being. I had goosebumps when I read it. It was a feeling of being seen and understood on an extremely deep level. That was an unforgettable feeling of tapping into my true nature that was buried under the layers of false beliefs that I was holding about myself during my life.” Diana (Access Your Core Self Session) 


“The guidance, energy, and healing you’ve brought me through these readings has transformed my life! I understand myself more now, I trust myself more now, and I feel more like myself than I ever have before. Having this direct access to my guides through your gifts has brought me so much validation and confirmation, I don’t feel crazy anymore! I feel connected with, seen and heard by my guides more than ever! Your ability to convey their messages and teachings with such clarity and accuracy, has proven priceless to me over the years. Thank you for your time and thank you for sharing your gifts!” The Child 


“This is just a short note to thank you so much for the remarkable reading that you did for me. I have already watched all ninety minutes four times, and taken many notes about where I can actively make improvements. I did not want to make you wait any longer to get my overall reaction, which is very, very grateful and positive! Your reading connected up very closely with my health issues, and with information I received three years ago from a deep trance channel who awakened me to one of the past lives that Archangel Metatron spoke about. I am so appreciative of your gift and your willingness to share it with the world. I honor your work and thank you with all of my heart.” Shadow’s Blessing (Akashic Reading)


“Thank you, Isis, for this amazing reading. I can’t believe how accurately you described me, my current situation and the issues I’m just facing in life, without even having the slightest bit of background information. I feel strenghthened, “back on my path” and much more secure now about where I’m heading. Your reading resonated deeply within me and I got that old warm feeling telling me “Hey this is it!”. Now I feel like I’ll be safe also, because it made me feel closer connected to my guides and because I finally understand more about my own soul origin. You answered the questions that had been swirling around in my head since forever, without me even having to ask them! Again, thank you!” Laura (Origins Reading)